What the Hell is Going on in Knoxville?

What the hell is going on in Knoxville? Compared to Chattanooga, say, Knoxville used to be a fairly centrist town politically.  Sure, the city never would’ve been mistaken for “progressive”–if the city has added recycling as part of its waste program, it’s a new development–and the city certainly was (unofficially) segregated and the like.   But compared to say the staunch conservativism that marked Chattanooga in the 80s, Knoxville’s politics seemed relatively centrist.  I’d, of course, really have to study the exact policies of the day but, off the top of my head, I can name Randy Tyree, Victor Ashe, Lamar Alexander among the leading politicians of the day.  Alexander, of course, thas moved so far to the right he supports killing the minimum wage and introducing English-as-official-language bills and still is considered a liberal for the new Knoxville breed.  Victor Ashe, one supposes, would be considered a down right communist.  Randy Tyree?  Don’t even get me started. 
Knoxville now has a Sheriff who supports “stacking undocumented immigrants like cordwood in his jails.”  What is more, Knoxville’s state representative in Nashville is Stacy Campfield, who supports tying Welfare money to a child’s grades among other absurd notions that pass for normal in today’s Knoxville.
 Here’s a link to a petition to Eric Holder if you want: Click Here.
And, last but not least, the richest governor in the nation (whom many Knoxvillians view as too liberal) — from Knoxville — is denying medical care to the state’s poorest by refusing Obamacare’s Medicaid program? 
 What a national– and human — embarrassment.
 It makes me wonder how a Madeline Rogero got elected Mayor? 


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