Health Insurance, the NFL, and You

In reading cnnsi’s, “Star QBs Say Time is Now for Deal,” I came across the following line about the leverage the NFL gains in the lockout from not paying health insurance:

On March 12, the owners imposed a lockout on the players, a right management has to shut down a business when a CBA expires. During the lockout, there can be no communication between the teams and current NFL players; no players – including those drafted in April – can be signed; teams won’t pay for players’ health insurance (bold mine).

In other words, the owners are using the players health as leverage to get them to return to work under the most favorable conditions for the owners. If, however, we had a national healthpayer scheme divorced from employers, then we, as individuals and as workers, would have much more power.

Perhaps we should all remember that as the debate continues.


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