On Michael O’Connell’s, "Mountain Top Removal"


“Across Southern Appalachia mountaintop removal coal mining is leveling forests destroying communities and threating water supplies so that all of us can enjoy cheap electricity. This compelling documentary film explores the issue. The film features interviews with coal industry officials, citizen conservation groups, scientists, physicians and coal field activists including Larry Gibson, Maria Gunnoe, Ed Wiley , Julia Bonds and Jeff Goodell author of Big Coal Americas Dirty Energy Secret. Music from Sarah Hawker, Julie Miller, Donna the Buffalo and John Specker is featured in the film. The film is the second feature documentary release from Haw River Films (hawriverfilms.com) located in Pittsboro North Carolina. Mountain Top Removal was produced and directed by Michael O’Connell. Visit http://www.hawriverfilms.com”

This film only reinforces my belief that we witness the last Epic. We can tilt at windmills, but we are the characters within this inexorable march to the End. We live the Iliad.

Future events in this blog will be elaborating on this post, Faulkner and the Ecological (I want to list all the references he makes to the land, while repositioning his place in this debate), the meta-media, reality TV (focusing on Flava of Love), and the HBO series all things Milch, the new Dickens.


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