Hillary’s Ohio Victory

Hillary’s Ohio victory rally encapsulates what is wrong with her candidacy. Everytime MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell or CNN’s Candy Crowley showed their face at Clinton campaign headquarters, the Clinton crowd–after realizing they were on the tube–turned from dead silence to cued managed screams. After the networks called Ohio for Senator Clinton, she stood at the podium amidst child-voiced squealing screeching. Her campaign clearly coached this to counter Senator Obama’s rallies, peopled by those who seem to react to him naturally.

Eerily enough, “I love you’s” came Hillary’s way tonight from her crowd. Her campaign planted these words like so many Jeff Gannons. And now her campaign appropriates Obama’s “Yes, We Can” with its own “Yes, We Will.”
Does the Clinton campaign have any sense of itself at all? Does it realize that it exists only for itself. She’s like Hegel’s Charlemagne.
How are we to believe she is ready to lead when she–along with her one hundred percent name recognition–has blown through her cash twice over, lost the delegate lead to a first term Senator, and can only laud “comebacks.”
It’s like lauding yourself your own greatness for finding the keys you had earlier lost yourself.


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